Grey Cat

End of Life

What to expect during your appointment

  The word 'euthanasia' means to provide a painless death in order to end great suffering or poor quality of life.  Our goal in providing this service for pets and their families is to offer your animals a peaceful and stress free passing in the comfort of  their home, surrounded by the people who love them.   

  Our visits start by sitting down with families to review everything that is about to happen and answer any questions you may have.  There will be some paperwork to complete.  After this a sedative will be prepared to help your pet relax and relieve any pain and anxiety they may be feeling.  After the sedative is given we will give you and your family time with your beloved pet while the sedative takes effect.  When they are sufficiently relaxed and are not worried about being handled an intravenous catheter will be placed.  After the IV catheter is secured you will be given time and privacy for your final goodbyes.  The final injection is given through the intravenous catheter.  

The passing of your pet will be confirmed by auscultation of your pet's chest. 

  We can help to coordinate your pets aftercare and provide transportation to the crematorium.  


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